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Several important milestones in skincare science were achieved by Heitland & Petre that influenced the entire industry.  Their discoveries improved the way moisturizing creams work, as well as their effectiveness. They were first to report on the development of soluble collagen and developed Collastin, the proprietary mixture of fatty acid esters that fosters lubrication, hydration and absorption of nutrients.   They were first to incorporate separate liposomes of ultra-violet filters in their after sun skincare product, and they were among the first to develop an effective repair complex product.


Today, Rosa Graf Cosmetics continues to be one of the world’s most comprehensive, ground-breaking and advanced skincare product lines.  The company’s innovative use of Alpine Rose plant-based stem cells to address anti-aging skincare, as well as protection and prevention concerns is remarkable.  Such advancements in skincare, beauty and restoration of sun-damaged skin have earned Rosa Graf Cosmetics Stem Cell Technology high praise from dermatologists, estheticians, medical spa and spa owners around the world.  


The brand’s protective plant-based ingredients, including Resveratrol, which is found in wine tannins and grape seed extract, help promote renewal and repair of the skin.  Among Rosa Graf Cosmetics most popular products are its Ultimate Stem Cell 24-hr Cream, Ultimate Stem Cell Serum and Ultimate Stem Cell Mask.  When used regularly in combination, these fine Rosa Graf Cosmetics products provide the most effective benefits of plant-based stem cell technology for a longer-lasting, more youthful appearance.        

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