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The Science of Natural Beauty




For a thousand years, the city of Leipzig in the heart of Saxony was a thriving hub of commerce, renowned for its devotion to the arts, music, education and culture.  It remained a center of magnificent architecture for hundreds of years, filled with industrious people striving to achieve technological advancement in fields as diverse as optics and cosmetics – both focused on "the better to see you with".


It was in the midst of the Roaring 1920’s that an entrepreneur named Paul Graf founded a small cosmetics laboratory in Leipzig.  His goal was merely to produce a few effective skincare products for his wife Rosa’s salon that catered to the beauty enhancement needs of the ladies of Leipzig.  But that modest start 85 years ago became the momentous beginning of the celebrated skincare product line known today as Rosa Graf Cosmetics.


In those early days, the Grafs were especially industrious and gradually expanded on the initial success of their product line.  Although the salon and laboratory were completely destroyed during WWII, the couple was able to restore the business after the war ended.  Undaunted by hardship, eventually, they founded a beauty institute, a skincare school and a new cosmetics laboratory.  After Paul’s death during the post war years, Rosa carried on and continued to run the company until 1971.  Mrs. Graf decided to retire and sold the company to Laszlo Petre and Volker Heitland of Heitland & Petre International GmbH.  It was a new beginning for the Rosa Graf Cosmetics brand and a new direction for the global skincare and cosmetics organization built by Heitland & Petre International.  


The steady growth of Rosa Graf Cosmetics through the next few decades serves as a testament to the dedication, skills and foresight of the company’s management team, employees and global partners.  One thing is clear:  the Rosa Graf Cosmetics brand became well-known as an authentic innovator in the research and development of new beauty-enhancing products.  





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